Most Expensive Gaming Computer Of 2017

In case you’re enthusiastic about a hobby and possess lots of money to spare on the Most Expensive Gaming Computer Of 2017, you most likely have no difficulty spending eye-watering levels of money on big-ticket gaming pcs. Gaming, particularly, is a hobby which engenders not merely love but obsession in many, and the charges of gaming desktops associated with games can simply run into 1000s of dollars.Ok, The following are the 5 Most Lavishly High-priced Gaming pc Ever

Most Expensive Gaming Computer Of 2017

Most Expensive Gaming Computer:CybertronPC Thallium X99 Gaming Desktop Review

CybertronPC brings an all-new gaming system, engineered for precision gaming in 4K HD and VR. CybertronPC is powered by an unlocked i7-5960K processor and is also boosted with a liquid cooling solution. Equipped with large hard drive storage, CybertronPC maximizes airflow and offers room for suture upgrades.


  • Clean and reliable system: We do not install 3rd part software which directly results in such system.
  • Delivered with keyboard and mouse: In order to ensure that you play games better, we give keyboard and mouse.
  • 2 Colors Available: You can choose white or black color, which other desktops do not have.
  • Others: Many ports and NVDIA GeForce GTX 980, Dual Gigabit Lan and so on.


  • Since this is the Most Expensive Gaming Computer, the price is a little high.

What the Current Owners Say

It has performed pass my expectations. Service is also great. You can’t imagine how fast it runs. It is totally worth the price. The desktop can be controlled in a more or less average temperature due to the cooling system. Love it!

Bottom Line

CybertronPC may be the Most Expensive Gaming Computer of 2017 but once you got it, you would know the difference between others and it. The fantastic point it that its liquid cooling system. It control you desktop’s temperature and make sure it can operate fast.


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