Best Affordable Tablet Under 100 Dollars

Recently, tablets are becoming more and more popular on the market of digital products. It can provide you with bigger screen together with more powerful performance compared with your phones. However, buying smart phones has already cost many people a large sum of money. Thus people would like to spent less when buying a tablet. Here comes the question—what’s the best affordable tablet under 100 dollars? After a few days’ survey, I recommend you three best cheap tablets under 100. Now let’s take a close look at them. I really hope that this report can give you some advice when purchasing the best tablet under 100.

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All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet under 100 dollars

Product Description

Best Affordable Tablet Under 100 DollarsMany people would like a cheap and portable tablet under 100 dollarsinstead of a, giant but expensive phone. Good news is that they can come to the Fire HD 8. Even though the Fire HD 8 is smaller and cheaper than the original Fire HD, it ensures you the same specs and gives a blueprint for future tablets.

Key Features


The Fire HD 8 has a quite small screen among tablets, but it doesn’t feel dated. The display of Fire HD 8 uses an IPS screen and a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. Besides, its screen is topped with Gorilla Glass, which gives it more resilience. So you can hardly worry about display distortion. However, without the automatic brightness setting, the tablet needs to be ramped up the backlight if you take it outdoors.

◆Fire OS and Performance

The Fire HD 8 runs Fire OS which is similar to all other Fire-series tablets. It has made some significant changes on the Amazon-made interface based on Android. Google Play app store and Google Maps cannot be seen on the Fire HD 8 and the layout of the system is quite special. After you boot it up, you can see a carousel of the apps that you have used recently. Plus, there is no conventional home screen in Fire OS.

Customer Reviews

◆I enjoy this Fire HD 8 Tablet especially because it is easy to share content to my TV wirelessly and its web browser works great.  After my experience with Fire HD 8 Tablet (Under $100), I really recommend this cheap tablet under 100 dollars if you are on a tough budget but still want wonderful performance.

Dragon Touch A1X Tablet Around 100 dollars

best tablet under 100Product Description

There is no doubt that the Dragon Touch X10 10-Inch 16GB Octa Core Tablet is one of the most bestselling tablets under 100 dollars. Armed with the powerful Quad Core processor, large screen, good battery life, large internal storage, an HDMI port and the pre-installed latest Android firmware, it has received many positive reviews. However, its plastic design and the lack of dedicated GPS are not that satisfying. So viewed as a whole, the Dragon Touch X10is really a cost efficient entry-level tablet under 100 dollar you can not miss, considering its price and overall performance.

Key Features

◆Great Connectivity

The integrated Bluetooth makes it easier to make a connection with other enabled devices like keyboards, speakers. You never need to worry about losing touch with those hotspots with its 802.11 b/g/n WiFi.

◆Amazing Performance

The robust Octa-Core CPU — 8X Cortex A7 CPU and Octa Core GPU ensure its amazing performance. You can have a nice experience while you are surfing the Internet, watching videos and playing gaming.

Customer Reviews

◆It’s a very nice tablet under 100 dollars for family use and worth its price. I should say that it’s very easy to use. What surprises me most is that its battery life is much better than I expect. I’m planning to buy another one for my mom.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 Tablet under 100 dollars

cheap tablet under 100Product Description

As one of the most affordable tablets under 100 dollars, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 is really worth your money, A good value tablet under 100 dollars,Made by Samsung, this 7-inch Android tablet is absolutely dependable with its user-friendly TouchWiz interface. One simple flaw is that it cannot flex much performance muscle.

Key Features


As for size, with quite thin bezel, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 is compact overall, but a little bit chubby–0.38 inches. Fortunately, it is just 0.61 pounds. Quite lightweight, isn’t it? Thus, you can hold it for a long time with ease. In addition, the physical buttons are very easy to press. The volume rocker and lock key is on the right side while the microSD card slot is on the left.


Featuring a 1280 x 720 pixels display,One thing need to mention is that once the light conditions changes, you have to adjust the screen brightness manually because of the lack of an ambient light sensor.7-inch display, the pixel density of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 is around 170ppi. Therefore, you will find it difficult while reading small fonts without zooming in.

◆Processor and Memory

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 runs on a relatively humble dual-core chip, it gives a quite smooth performance for daily use because its low-res display won’t put that much strain on it. After being tested, it runs smoothly with many casual games. However, for the latest large games it may not run perfectly smooth as you wish. Besides, the chip of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7 is the quad-core 1.3 GHz Snapdragon 410 processor with 1.5GB of RAM and Vivante GC1000 graphics processor. Its internal storage is only 16GB but you can expand that to 64 GB via microSD cards.

Customer Reviews

◆I have to say that I’m so happy because I choose this affordable tablet under 100 dollars. It can meet all my needs—surfing the Internet, listening to music and watching movies. I love it.

Comparison on price

On Amazon,. the price of Fire HD 8 Tablet is under $100, which is the cheapest among the three tablets listed before. Both Dragon Touch A1X and Samsung Galaxy A7 offer free shipping and their price are a littil more than 100 dollars


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