Best Budget Gaming Computers Under 900 Dollars

Purchasing a gaming computer under $900 would get you in a fantastic placement to enjoy all kinds of things Computer gaming can offer for 2017 and beyond.

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Gaming PC Under 900:I discovered numerous best gaming pcs under 900 and compared their COST Overall performance, Specifications, Quality as well as CUSTOMER POPULARITY and lastly get the very best three gaming desktops performing great in most sides.

CyberPowerPC Gamer Panzer PVR1050 Review:Recommended Gaming PC Under 900 Dollars

gaming pc under 900 dollarsWith raw power, it’s functioned at a high level. While others are only optimized for gaming , CyberPowerPC is VR ready. Super large storage gives you an amazing experience. A glass is equipped on its side which makes it much technological. CyberPowerPC is focusing on gaming. SO if you are going to buy gaming pc under 900 dollars, CyberPowerPC Gamer Panzer is the best choice.

The Highlights:

  • High resolutions: VR ready requires a high resolution, Since you can experience VR, obviously it owns high resolutions.
  • Top Graphics Card: This supports the newest games.
  • Massive storage: 2TB storage space and 8 GB DDR4 Dual Channel memories.
  • Others: Wonderful appearance, RGB lighting control, affordable price and so on.

Customer complaints:

  • The volume is a little big.

What the Current Owners Say

I have been using this gaming computer under 900 dollars for several months, and until now it had no issues. I can run the most demanding games. The visual experience is also good. I feel myself in the game when I use VR device. It has been working smoothly since I bought it. I love it so far.

Bottom Line

CyberPowerPC is famous for its gaming desktop. Now besides playing games, our gamers can also have an experience that feels themselves in the game. Though the volume is a little massive, but the storage is larger. It can be operated smoothly because of its large storage. Never regret to buy a qualified gaming desktop.

HP ENVY Phoenix 860-019 Reviews:Best Affordable Gaming PC Under 900 Dollars

Best Budget Gaming Computers Under 900 DollarsLooking for a desktop with good performance and good quality? Come and check this HP ENVY Phoenix 860-019 Gaming Desktop Under 900 Dollars out. It has excellent performance that allows you to play computer games and watch HD movies smoothly, let alone dealing with the daily work. And HP is famous for the good quality so that you won’t worry about any issues will occur during your using the desktop. What’s more, you can always turn to HP Support Assistant for help.


FAMOUS BRAND: It is known to all that HP is a famous brand, and its products are of good quality. You can fully trust the desktop that HP produces, and you will gain a lot of wonderful experience due to the excellent service of HP.

HIGH PERFORMANCE: This gaming desktop under 900 is equipped with an 6th generation Intel Core i7-6700 processor (3.4GHz to 4GHz) Processor, a 16 GB SDRAM, a 2TB 7200RPM Serial ATA hard drive | 128GB SATA Solid State Drive and a DVD Super Multi Drive. All the equipment above gives this desktop the great power to deal with almost anything. You can run programs and computer games without stutter, which enhance the fluent experience.

FUNCTIONALITY: This gaming desktop under 900 has features such as: Wireless, Bluetooth, Multi-display capable, 7-in-1 digital media reader and HP Support Assistant. With Wireless, you can browse the internet with no cables so that the limited wires don’t bother you anymore. With Bluetooth, you can connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices and share files with them. With Multi-display capable, you can deal with your work on more than one monitor simultaneously. With 7-in-1 digital media reader, it allows you to transfer photos and other files direct from different types of memory card. With HP Support Assistant which is built right in your PC, you can have the access to the immediate, always-on, self-help support from HP.

PERFECT CRAFTSMANSHIP: HP put much effort on every detail of manufacturing. And its gaming desktop under 900 are of high quality. You can see the details are handled well. The whole product shows the strict and perfect craftsmanship.


LESS COLOR AVAILABLE: It seems that the desktop comes only in silver color, but the whole silver appearance makes the desktop more elegant and stunning.

HP ENVY Phoenix 860-019 Gaming Desktop Under 900 Dollars CUSTOMERS REVIEWS:

As a PC Game fan, I have to say that this HP ENVY Desktop is a wonderful desktop, and it’s good performance is way beyond my expectation. I’ve been using it for months and no issue has found yet.

Got it weeks ago, and the moment I open the package and see the desktop I fall in love with it. It is so beautiful and elegant, it’s like an artwork in my room. What’s more, it works perfectly and smoothly.

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